Our Approach

Your financial goals evolve from a general strategy to a fully integrated plan of action using our diverse skills in financial planning, investment management, insurance, tax and estate planning strategies. 

Your personalized financial plan becomes the roadmap for how we’ll support you TODAY….AND in the future. The plan takes into consideration ALL of your accounts, no matter where they are held.  The plan will model estimated returns, inflation, income sources such as pension and social security as well as liabilities.  It also estimates income needs throughout retirement and identifies potential insurance shortfalls.  AND it will illustrate the likelihood of progress in funding your goals.

The plan we create leads us to the appropriate products and services to help protect, accumulate and distribute your assets!

Our value-added 4-step approach to serving clients includes:

  1. A personalized financial PLAN to lay the groundwork for all we do
  2. A review of PROTECTION needs such as insurance, wills, trusts, estate plan and powers of attorney; PLUS social security income options and a pension if you have one
  3. Next we determine how much you need to ACCUMULATE and where to invest to meet your goals
  4. And finally, tax efficient DISTRIBUTION strategies to maximize retirement income to you and your beneficiaries